Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emmy Nominations: Snubs & Predictions.

My choice to sweep Drama categories
As a TV junkie, I'm going to offer my initial thoughts on the Emmy nominations.

Drama Series: Homeland will take it, with Downton Abbey (now in the Series category) it's toughest competition. Snubbed here is Showtime's Shameless.  Also note, Smash received little love except for Uma Thurman as Guest Actress.

Comedy Series: Honestly, Veep was the only one that made me LOL.  It's Veep or Girls here, but sometimes the academy can be dull and chose something like Big Bang Theory. (I sat through one episode last year and was amazed of its popularity.  It should be popular for being the most unfunny, banal thing on TV.)  Speaking of unfunny, Glee, submitted in Comedy categories, went from 20 noms its first year to just one for Dot Marie Jones (as Guest Actress). I think The Middle deserves to be here too.

Actress Drama: Claire Danes. Period.

Actor Drama: After 3 wins, I wish Bryan Cranston would have done right and withdrawn his name.  He is brilliant and I love the show, but 3 is enough. It just becomes greedy. But, oh the ego of actors!  I'm rooting for Damian Lewis (Homeland) to take it. Snubbed: Hugh Laurie for his final House.

Sup Actress Drama: Mad Men's Christina Hendricks has yet to take this, so that'd be nice. Her competition is the never-nom'd Anna "Skyler" Gunn from Breaking Bad (also worthy).  But don't count out the two Downton ladies (Maggie Smith and Joanne "Anna" Froggatt). This is a category to watch! Snubbed here were Mad Men's Jessica Pare and possibly January Jones (who might have wrongly submitted herself in Lead Actress.) And it would have been nice to see Madeleine Stowe for Revenge get a nod.

Sup Actor Drama: Jared Harris (Mad Men) and Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad) both had wonderful swan-song turns on their series' but I think Harris will take it. The snub here is no nod for Mandy Patinkin (Homeland). Such a shame.

Actor Comedy: Jim Parsons of Big Bang has taken it for the last two years, so I'm hoping that trend stops.  There's a lot of heat behind Louis CK, but Larry David (Curb) has yet to take it.  I think it's CK's year.  Not nom'd: Matt LeBlanc (Episodes), who took the Globe.

Actress Comedy: It was the year of Zooey Deschanel... until Lena Dunham came along.  But don't be surprised if Emmy-darling Julia Louis Dreyfus snags it for Veep.  She'd actually be my choice.  I held such animosity toward her for years for stealing this award from Lisa Kudrow (The Comeback), but I think I'm ready to drop that grudge.  Maybe.  Not really.  But I do like her in Veep.  Zooey will win. Yawn. And really, they ignore Patricia Heaton again?!

Sup Actor Comedy: It's time for Ed O'Neill (Modern Family).  But I do love Max Greenfield (Schmidt) on New Girl. I think Tony Hale (Veep) should have been nom'd.

Merritt Wever to WIN!
Sup Actress Comedy: No else deserves this more than Merritt Wever on Nurse Jackie.  She is simply brilliant, hysterical and her choices - her nuances - are just perfection.  Kristin Wiig is there for her final SNL season - and Mayim "Blossom" Bialik (Big Bang) could be the upset.  I'm lighting candles for Merritt! Snubs here - other ladies from Nurse Jackie, Cougar Town, Happy Endings and Maya Rudolph for Up All Night... and Eden Sher as Sue Heck so deserves a nod already!

Miniseries: American Horror Story. No question.

Miniseries/Movie Actress: Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin in HBO's Game Change. 

Miniseries/Movie Actor: Kevin Costner (Hatfields & McCoys). I didn't watch, but it was HUGE and Emmy's love a "movie star" on TV.

Sup Actress & Actor Miniseries/Movie: Jessica Lange & Denis O'Hare for Horror Story. I mean, c'mon!

Reality Host: Tom Bergeron, Cat Deeley, Seacrest haven't won and all deserve it. Their competion: Phil K (Amazing Race) and Betty White, do not.

Reality competition: The Amazing Race should have withdrawn.  I'm hoping So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing With The Stars can nab it.  And yes, no Idol nom here.

Now, back to our regular programming and be Just Like Jerry!

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