Friday, October 7, 2011

Revenge, Happy Endings, LeAnn Rimes

Revenge: Soap-up on ABC
I can't beg of you any stronger than my strongest that you please watch "HAPPY ENDINGS."  It is hysterical.  The ratings drop-off after the brilliant "Modern Family" is an astounding 47%. Yup, almost half of the Fam viewers don't stay tuned.  "Happy" is unhappily in trouble and that is maddening!  The whole Weds night ABC line up is just perfect: the Middle, Subergatory, Fam, Hap, and the new guilty pleasure cheesy soap, "Revenge," and I mean that in a good way.  Madeline Stowe is the biggest bitch I've seen on TV in a while.  She's right up there with Abby Ewing and Amanda Woodward....  If you like "Pan Am," you better start to hype it up, because rumors are that it could run its initial 13 then "Good Christian Bitches," (which I'm dying for) will step in.  Pan's ratings aren't taking off (get it?) so the net could make a forced landing (yup) by years end....  Speaking of ratings, let me explain something about your DVR/Tivo viewing.  If you watch a show you've recorded within 3 days of it's initial airing, it counts towards its official rating. Meaning, if 10 million people watch "Pan Am," on Sunday, but by Wednesday and additional 3 million watch it on their DVR, the network reports it as 13 million viewers. So if you love your shows, watch by day 3!  You should also "like" your faves on Facebook. It helps. And, find them On Demand. Most cable outlets, like TimeWarner, repeat Primetime episodes On Demand (or on-line at the net's site) for free the night following their original airing.  I ignored ABC's "Revenge," as did critics initially.  Then some hype was building, so I caught up with episodes 1 & 2 On Demand.  Simple!...  New films:  The Ides of March, Real Steel with Hugh Jackman and the Footloose re-do all received an "A-" from Entertainment Weekly, my bible.  Yes, Footloose. What?  Well, I'm only into Clooney/Gosling in Ides....  Un-shocking: 2010 Idol winner, Lee Dewyze, has been droppped from a restructuring RCA, which has also now disolved the labels Jive, Arista and J Records, moving acts to RCA - and signaling the coming-end of Clive Davis's reign as he created both Arista & J....  Who the hell does your PR?!  Yes, LeAnn Rimes, I'm asking you?  Controversial tabloid darling of late is no reason to release a new album and sell just 9,000 copies in week one.   For those of you who focus on her being a marriage-crusher, I hope you also then don't support Angelina Jolie's work, because Angie caused the Brad/Jennifer break up.  Yes, LeAnn released a more traditional country set, perhaps a misstep as she is more so country/pop, but perhaps a better PR campaign then just "coming clean" with Ellen (light fluff) would have been a better move because the album is getting rave reviews.  In my opinion, the Grammy winner is one of the best vocalists on the scene.... Saving Face: I love Clean & Clear products. Their astringents and Morning Burst facial soap are damn good.  That orange astringent with 2% Salicylic Acid will strip your face - in a pore-erasing good way!... So, clear-up, seek Revenge and be Just Like Jerry!

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