Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ladies, Gloria, Homeland, Beekman...

Emmy-bound "Homeland" 
Year of the Ladies: With the best films of the year, so far, being Bridesmaids and The Help and with TV finding success with female-driven sitcoms (New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, Up All Night) - and of course, with Adele outselling all, it is the Year of the Ladies, right?  Yet, ladies aren't faring well with their hour long TV vehicles (Charlie's Angels, Playboy Club were DOA and Ringer, Prime Suspect and even Pan Am are waning with Playboy now canceled)....  I've always loved Gloria Estefan - wrongfully & sadly often overlooked and underrated, but she co-wrote her hits (ballads like Anything For You, Here We Are and peppy pop like 1-2-3), so I'm glad she's back with a latin dance album featuring her #1 Club hit "Wepa," with a s**tload of remixes, one with PitBull.  Get it, Glo!... American Horror Story arrives Weds on FX.  Highly anticipated, the spooky, odd show has critics very intrigued in just what kind of audience it'll find, as the premise has been somewhat of a secret.  I cannot wait!...  My vote for the best of the new season so far: Homeland on Showtime! You MUST check it out!  Suspenseful and smart, the CIA/current-war-time thriller is espionage and whodunnit at its best.  I heart Claire Danes - and while I don't anticipate Mandy Patinkin to bust out in tune, I can dream.... I haven't enjoyed the first 2 weeks of the X-Factor, due to 2 hours 2x a week of boring auditions.  But unlike Idol, X is moving faster to their Hollywood Week, known as Boot Camp on X this week, so I'll re-try it and know once they are officially "live," I'll be into it.... Smell this!  I love me a candle and yes those $50 ones are worth it but for us grocery store wick-burning individuals, I go with Glade Clean Linen scent only for 3 bucks.  And yes, I wish they made it in Gain scent....  I admire the Beekman Boys: two gays who moved to a farm in Upstate NY and have since had a 2-year docu series, a lifestyle brand and now, a new book.  Bravo boys! Giving gays a good name....  Flashback: As you all know I love me some R&B.  And the R&B of the 80's was IT!  George Benson turned out Give Me The Night, Lady Love Me (One More Time), Never Give Up On A Good Thing, On Broadway, Love Ballad and this infectious lil' ditty that'll stick with you for weeks, Turn Your Love Around.  And he's got 10 Grammy's.... So jam-on with George and be Just Like Jerry!

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