Monday, October 17, 2011

NJ Housewives, Kelly, TV Views

Kelly is "Stronger" on Oct 23!
I've been M.I.A. lately because I'm rehearsing a ton for my up-coming concert on Oct 30. Read about it here!...  A guilty pleasure TV viewing is any form of the Real Housewives on Bravo.  The recent Jersey Reunion (and frankly all the reunion specials) makes me realize how horrific essentially all these women, on all the incarnations are.  The all really despise each other - and the combination of bitter jealousy and unintelligence shines through on the Reunions.  Case in point: Teresa. Wow!  She now seems like the kind of broad who will run you over in her car then back up to finish the job. She is unapologetic, defensive, pathological liar, vindictive, viscous and completely not-too-bright. She's vile. It's to the point where you don't love to hate her (a la, maybe NeNe or Jill Z) but actually have deep dislike for her - and don't feel sorry for her financial troubles or dog of husband....  It wasn't until "Dreamgirls" that I fully appreciated all that is Beyonce.  Aside from her vocal ability being its strongest in (and since) that film, she's released perfect singles and her business savvy is something that should be taught in school.  Her best song from her current "4" album is "Love On Top." Start your day with it and all will be happy!...  Am I crazy or do movies kinda suck right now?  Maybe not "suck," but I certainly find I have an urgency to "must-see" them in the theatres.  50/50, Real Steel, Footloose...?  They'll be on Pay Per View within 3 short months.  I'll watch them for $5.  Aside from Ides Of March (an "A-"), I can't recommend or be excited about much lately or "coming soon."  Yes, Greg will drag me to Paranormal 3 next week....  Kelly Clarkson's leaking official tunes from her 10/23 album, Stronger. Here's "You Love Me." I'm diggin' it... sounds like a harder Katy Perry track.  This will be my album of the fall/winter!...  "The Rosie Show" (OWN) is a lot of fun. I genuinely love her. Too bad no one is watching; now averaging just 260,000 viewers.  That's all.  Maybe it's the timeslot?  7P seemed like a cool idea but it still just feels more daytime.  A daily talkshow - not on ABC, CBS, or NBC is tough to gain viewers.  Good luck Ro!....  "The Walking Dead" is back!  It's Greg's favorite on TV.  It's fun, but I'm not a huge fan like he is but, but of course I watch.  "American Horror Story" is IT! Scary, twisted, suspenseful, odd, great cast - Jessica Lange!  It is creepy.  My question, after episode two is, "Why are you staying in that haunted house!?"  Hopefully they'll answer that soon and and I can suspend belief long enough to understand why they'd say.... Urging you again to get into Showtime's "Homeland." They are re-running the 1st three on Sat (22).... "Once Upon A Time" starts this Sunday on ABC.  The modern fairy-tale thriller might lean a little too "family hour" as it's airing at 8P, but it seems intriguing enough to catch me in the beginning.... Rumors abound that "Pan Am," will be canceled within weeks.  I officially dropped it already....  "The Good Wife" (brilliant) is killing the "Desperate Housewives" (getting goofy).  I watch 'em both, but "DH" would have been better returning for a final 13, not a full season....  I'm missing "Mad Men."  Currently filming, I anticipate it'll start airing in March or so, if not, over the summer. Still too far away....  Flashback: Remember this classic from Robert John?  "Sad Eyes" was #1 for 4 weeks in 1979.... Speaking of Sad Eyes: I use L'Oreal Men's Eye Roller.  I feel using ANYTHING on your eye area is important and this is a cool lil' tool.  They make it for gals too.... So, de-puff and be Just Like Jerry.

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