Friday, November 4, 2011

TV Flops, The 1st Idol, Grimm...

David "Grimm" Giuntoli - Yum!
This blogging is more difficult than it seems. For as much wonderful info and advice I have flowing through my mind, sitting down to create the damn thing is tough. But, after a long week off, here I am....  By now, you know I did my concert on 10/30 and had a blast!  We received a stellar review and here's a lil' clip. (A DVD will be coming soon.)  Thanks to all who came!...  TV Watch: Shows I've dropped - Pan Am (unexciting, un-juicy), 2 Broke Girls (juvenile), Terra Nova (action-less; should be on ABC Fam), Secret Circle (never into it really, but even Greg dropped it).   Best: Homeland on Showtime, Revenge on ABC.  I'm enjoying Once Upon A Time (needs to up it's effects budget) and Grimm (with hottie David G). I'm hoping they'll get grittier.  But they are both a lotta fun.  American Horror Story is very chilling and creepy, but I keep having to suspend belief that anyone would stay in that house.  How can they make it last as a series? And Dylan McDermott hasn't been shirtless in two week. C'mon!...  Vocal rest: first John Mayer then Adele, now Keith Urban?!  Surgeries and no music from these acts for months... hope it all comes out well!...  Kelly Clarkson dropped her "Stronger" album.  I worship her! However, I'm only drawn to the up-tempos on this effort - and the guarded-heart, you can't hurt me, you did me wrong songs have to transform into something more mature - as does her overall sound.  As good as tracks like "I Forgive You" and "Stronger" are, they can fit perfectly into her "Breakaway" album from 7 years ago.... Current jam: Lalah Hathaway's "If You Want To" is da jam!  It'll get you going for your day or your night.  Daughter of legendary Donny, Lalah's sultry voice with a flashback 90's vibe will satisfy. Trust. Believe.... Painful TV: Have you seen "Access Hollywood Live," the daytime 1 hour version? Billy Bush thinks he's a gift to the biz.  The whole show is a step away from public access. Yuck.... I'm off to SF next week to take in Miss Mary J. Blige in concert (courtesy of Teen & Deb). MJB is celebrating her 1994 "My Life" album and will perform it all!...  Films: I'll be taking in "J Edgar," (Nov 9) of course - and this weekend we're seeing the doc "Being Elmo."  Yes, it's about the man behind the Sesame Street lovable Muppett.  Also open is Almodovar's "The Skin I Live In," which I hope to see next week.... So "Funny Girl," will now not play LA or Broadway with Lauren Ambrose. They claim money woes - and I'm hoping this means that a film version can come around starring Lady Gaga (an idea implanted in me by Scott Nevins).  I say a movie because there's no way she'll do Broadway.... If you're in NYC and aren't seeing "Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway," please de-friend me in life!  It'll be amazing and I hope they film it!... With the rain in LA, I think it's ok to listen to Michael Buble's wonderful new "Christmas" album, right?... I can see clearly now!  The best glass/mirror cleaner? Sprayway. The. Best....  So spray away and be Just Like Jerry!

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