Thursday, November 24, 2011


Things I'm NOT Thankful For: 

  • Some neighbors - namely two below me and one across the hall - and the loud, 80 y.o. man in the next building.
  • Shania Twain's long absence from album-releasing.
  • That these people aren't on TV every week: Ann Jillian, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper, Faith Ford, Laurie Metcalf, Sally Field, Jackee, Cybill Shepherd, Tyne Daly, Suzanne Sommers, Stockard Channing
  • No comeback for "The Comeback"
  • These people not making good albums: LeAnn Rimes, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Scherzinger
  • The demise of "Glee"
  • Cleaning my place more before and after the cleaning lady than the cleaning lady does
  • Movie tickets over $12.50 - I mean, really?
  • Time Warner Cable 
  • Working-out (which I guess is better than not being able to)
  • I can't find Chewy Jolly Ranchers or Sour Starburst (not the gummy kind) anymore
  • Bad contestants on singing competition shows
  • Oprah ending her show
  • "The Rosie Show" not being on network or syndication
  • Ed Westwick's constant whisper-talk as Chuck on "Gossip Girl."
  • Movie versions of Sondheim's "Company" and "Into the Woods" aren't in production
  • The classic variety show will never see a renewed relaunch - but perhaps Solid Gold will..?
  • The scariness of an election year
  • That Simon Cowell doesn't know me
  • "The View" hosts

Things I AM Thankful For:

And yes... VERY THANKFUL for - my life so far, my health, a roof over my head, bills-getting-paid, my great family, "bestest" of friends and Greg.

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