Friday, December 9, 2011

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Buble's Gift For Your Ears
DVD WATCH: If you missed these, catch up on DVD or PPV - The Help, Super 8, Crazy Stupid Love (one of my top 10 faves of the year) and The Debt (with my "movie wife" Jessica Chastaine & Helen Mirren). Speaking of catching-up, the PBS/BBC mini-series, "Downton Abbey" is streaming for free on Netflix - just in time for part 2, which will run on PBS Jan 8th.  Check-out that preview. It swept the Emmy's and co-stars Dame Maggie Smith.  Netflix is cool way to watch old TV.  Greg's nightly ritual is a "Roseanne" episode on his iPad before bed, which prompted my recent dream where my parents hosted a party in her honor and Greg met her and cried.  The most astounding part of that dream: Greg crying....  TABLET READING: Didja know that if you subscribe to physical magazine, most are then available for free downloading onto your iPad?  You get the app, put in the subscription number then "bam," they're there!  I do this with GQ, Vanity Fair and now - just debuted - Entertainment Weekly!...  Wednesday night TV: It's an embarrassment of riches for TV watching on Weds.  On HGTV they do their "guys" line up with Income Property w/ cutie Scott, Property Brothers and the uber hot Kitchen Cousins.  Then the ABC line-up is pretty perfect: the underrated The Middle, the new (and so-so so far) Suburgatory, Modern Fam, and the brilliant Happy Endings - then the irresistible Revenge at 10pm.  Also at 10 on FX, the erie, creepy, thriller American Horror Story - expect Emmy love for 2x Oscar winner Jessica Lange in May.  Also on Weds is the X Factor, which I record and fast-forward through much of it.  I watch this as a TV show - not a "star-making" show.  Idol hasn't made a true star since Carrie Underwood - in 2005 - almost 7 years ago.  Quick - name the last two Idol winners - The Voice winner...?  Anyone?  Didn't think so....  MOVIE WATCH: I was upset with "Hugo." It was just such a let-down.  It gets a "C" from me.  I had fun, of course, at "The Muppets," and give "The Artist" an "A-," with a great score.  New ones: "Young Adult," is getting great reviews, as is "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy."  I'll see 'em both.  And my guilty, cheesy pleasure "New Years Eve," is on my list too....  CHRISTMAS ALBUMS: the best are from the Carpenters, Phil Spector, Manilow's "Gift," and Mariah's 1st one.  Of course, any holiday recording by Sinatra is on the best-list - and I'm adding the brilliant, new Michael Buble set to this "best" along with his great TV special....  "GLEE" is certainly not what it promised to be in season one, but for the most part, their song choices and mash-up medleys are pretty damn good. (The "I Will Survive/Survivor" is great for the gym.)  Their biggest sellers this season? An Adele mash-up, which included a dance version of "Someone Like You," and a song no one knew, called "We Are Young." Recorded and released by NY-based indy band "fun," the Glee version is atop the iTunes chart and putting a spotlight on fun!  Another minor hit of theirs, "All the Pretty Girls," is worth a download too....  HIP HOP GOLD: Will we hear, "And the Oscar goes to Mary J Blige?"  Likely!  If all goes well, she be nom'd for her theme from The Help - and could go up against two tunes from Twilight (from Bruno Mars and Christina Perri) as well as the Muppets and, yes, Sinead O'Connor for "Albert Nobbs."  All of which will prove to be a nice performance seg on the telecast.  And if the Academy wants her there, Madonna could get a nod for her "W.E." theme....  PERFORMANCE VIDEO: Wanna watch the opening numbers from my recent concert with Randall? Here it is!... YES, THESE WORK: When weather shifts faster than a light switch and allergies arise, Breathe Right Strips are perfect for bedtime!  Love love love 'em!...  So breathe in and be Just Like Jerry!  

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