Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Movies I Loved

Tattoo Girl Rooney Mara
Some say I see every movie released. Not true. But I do see most of them.  This year-end list is compiled of "Movies I Loved," meaning, it was worth my time and money and was everything it was hyped-up to be.  

MOVIES I LOVED - in no real order / (*= DVD)
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - I didn't read the book, so the who-done-it aspect was exciting. Fincher's graphic, violent, harrowing film-making combined with Rooney Mara's powerful performance makes me want to see it again.
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol - I knew it'd be a fun action flick, but it was over the top, edge of your seat excitement. No denying, Cruise is a bona fide movie star - and at 49, very hot.
The Skin I Live In - Among Pedro Almodovar's best; creepy, twisted with twists, thrilling, telenovela-like. Pretty perfect.
The Help* - an instant classic with wonderful performances
Bridemaids* - the best comedy I've seen in years; Melissa McCarthy is a force.
Crazy Stupid Love* - a lil' sleeper gem
Warrior* - great reviews and no one saw it! It came after the Wrestler and Fighter, but Warrior is damn good
The Artist - beautiful, lil' love note to film making
Super 8* - fun, JJ Abrams flick that was ET meets Stand By Me
Harry Potter* - a great finale to a wonderfully entertaining series.
Being Elmo - inspiring documentary on the guy who is Elmo.

X-Men First Class, Thor, Insidious, The Muppets, Ides of March, Young Adult and Beginners (with Christopher Plummer sure to win an Oscar).

Hugo and The Descendants were two big let-downs for me. Hugo is not what the previews are and Clooney's film is not the warm-comedy it's previews are.

War Horse, Iron Lady, My Week with Marilyn, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Carnage... but I don't think they'll end up on my BEST list.

So, buy a ticket and be Just Like Jerry!

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