Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Best TV of 2011

I'm so thankful I discovered this
Emmy-winning piece of brilliance
Yes, I'm a TV junkie. And so I offer you my Best and Not-So-Great TV Choices for 2011.

The 15 Best (in no real order):
  • Breaking Bad - Rough, edgy, killer acting
  • The Good Wife - Best net drama
  • American Horror Story - Twisted, dark, scary, Jessica Lange (!)
  • Friday Night Lights - wrongly under rated but perfect slice of Americana family
  • Grey's Anatomy - Yes, I'm still invested in these characters
  • Modern Family - dialogue so fast, you must watch twice
  • Happy Endings - the best "Friends" since "Friends"
  • Cougar Town - too under rated; very bright w/ great dialogue and wine!
  • Nurse Jackie - such a cast w/ great twists
  • Weeds - see Grey's above
  • Shameless - a dark, out-there, comedy-soap of a "welfare" family
  • *Haven't seen the recent "Damages" on DirectTV (but I bet it's great!)
Honorable mention:
  • Hung
  • The Middle
  • X Factor / Idol
  • Parks & Rec
  • Parenthood
  • Oprah: Behind the Scenes
  • Killing - a cheap finale and that damn rain?! Enough!
Holds promise:
  • Up All Night - aka "The Maya Rudolph Show"
  • Grimm - could be better as a 10-12 week summer series
  • Once Upon A Time - ditto
Guilty Pleasures: 
  • Gossip Girl - outlandish, unrealistic, overacted, but still...
  • Ringer - see above
  • Real Housewives of NY NJ BH - a bit waning but still here
  • Big Brother - best summer TV
  • Tabitha's Salon Takeover - formulaic, but I luv her
  • Desperate Housewives - I can't quit you!
  • A List NY & Dallas - a train-wreck of icky people and I can't look away
Not great this season:
  • The Walking Dead - yawn
  • True Blood - had better seasons
  • Dexter - only as good as it's serial-killer-case
  • Glee - too many characters, stretched thin, over-the-top Lynch
Lost potential:
  • Terra Nova - all the hype, none of the excitement
  • The Secret Circle - witches showing no powers?
  • Harry's Law - shoulda been "The Practice," became "Boston Legal"
Looking forward to:
So tune-in and be Just Like Jerry!

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