Thursday, September 29, 2011

TV Views, Hugh, Broadway Country

Huge Hugh Goes Solo on B'way
It's Showtime!  "Dexter" premieres and "Homeland" debuts on the cable net this Sunday.  "Homeland" stars Claire Danes (!) in what seems to be a heavy, CIA/war based drama.  Not really my fare, but I'll sample it....  TV so far: I'm diggin "New Girl," just picked up for a full season and "Up All Night," because Maya Rudolph is worth it all.  I've yet to watch "Terra Nova," which I read has uber-fake-looking dinosaurs and "Pan Am," which I hear I'll love.  I haven't sampled round 2 of "2 Broke Girls," which was just ok, but I'm excited for "Suburgatory," which shows more promise.  Are you not watching "Happy Endings"?  It's truly hysterical.  I caught the first "Playboy Club," and liked it!  But rumor has it, it'll be the first casualty of the year with "Free Agents" and "Charlie's Angels" to follow.... Notice the lighter segments on the Bev Hills Housewives?  Following the Maloof's to a basketball game proved to have no meat and was likely on the cutting room floor but added after Russell's death.  Other than Kim's apparent boozing-it-up, sadly, this season doesn't seem to foreshadow and real dramz....  Yes, I still watch "Grey's." Yes, it's still great....  Most films out there are getting "B" average grades - like "50/50," and "What's Your Number?," so I'll wait for PPV.  Getting raves: "Moneyball," which I hope to see next week....  Hugh Jackman is going to spend about 2 months on Broadway starting later this month.  Uhm, if I lived there, I'd go every night.  I hope they film it for TV....  Speaking of Broadway, why don't the stars of the Great White Way get it that they will not be pop stars... or country stars?!  The amazingly talented Kristin Chenoweth released a country album last week, which failed to even crack the top 40.  It's a painful collection of bland tunes with cringe worthy lyrics.  Overall, it's painful and like her sometimes "Glee" co-star, Matthew Morrison (also an extremely talented Broadway actor), who released a pop/soft rock album earlier this year, these performers don't get it that - whether they like it or not - we want a Broadway/standards/big band/jazz album from them not them trying to compete with Carrie Underwood or Jason Mraz - so misguided and ultimately an embarrassment of failures....  Gavin DeGraw's major pop-stardom time may have passed, but I'm likin' his current "Not Over You"....  Flashback: Brenda Russell's "Piano In The Dark," still holds up. It's primed for a re-make. Alica Key's please?...  Sting is 60. Just sayin'....  Face it!  I try, once a week, to apply a face mask.  My choice for years has been H20's Sea Mineral Mud Mask.  Extra tip (via Brett): use a small paint brush to paint your face, not your fingers....  So, reduce your pores and be Just Like Jerry!

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