Friday, September 23, 2011

TGIF - Moneyball, X-Host, RiRi

2 Besties Live in Concert (info at bottom)
Brad Brad Brad! "Moneyball" is getting raves. My review will pop up shortly. I mean, it's Brad. Duh.... As for Taylor Lautner's "Abduction," key syllable "Ab," it's getting killed.  But I don't think I can pass up seeing my TayTay on the big screen (as I avoid those Twilight flicks).  I caught "Drive" with Ryan Gosling and give it a "B+" - it's art-house meets action and I predict Ryan will be People's "Sexiest Man Alive" this year.  Mark it!... TV-WATCH: Well, I'm week two into "Ringer," and I'm on the fence; not in love but not ready to walk away....  As for the "X-Factor," it seems I'm ready to turn it off and return once they go "live."  The audition shows are laborious to watch and Simon still seems bored. Perhaps, Sy, you are so damn rich, nothing can satisfy you within the TV competition world.  As for that host, YUM.  UK's Steve Jones is dreamy.   I caught "2 Broke Girls." Cute enough, but cute ain't enough to hold my interest. I think I have a problem with these multi-cam sit-coms popping up after years of not having them....  TV tonite: Repeats of Up All Night, Modern Family and Revenge run, if you missed them this week.  Also debuting is, "A Gifted Man," on CBS.  Perhaps a bit too CBS for me, (IE Ghost Whisperer/Medium), but I love Patrick Wilson, so I'll try it.  Sunday brings returns of "Desperate Housewives," "The Good Wife," and the well-received "Pan-Am"....  Rihanna's dropping a new album November 21!?  This  exactly one year and 5 days after her current one, which still has a top 10 single out there, "Cheers."  At just 23, since 2005 she's released an album every year, except 2008.  In my opinion, she's yet to top the brilliant ear-candy that is her "Good Girl Gone Bad" album.  Her new single, "We Found Love," is out now....  From a 23 y.o. to an 85 y.o. legend: Yes, it seems Tony Bennett may have his 1st, FIRST, #1 album next week when "Duets II" likely pops into the top spot.  With Gaga, Mariah, Buble, Groban, Carrie - it's all A-Listers crooning classics with TB who can still hit those notes.  I'm just thrilled that these tunes are being heard, perhaps by newcomers - and that it can sit up there with Lil Wayne & Coldplay....  No, I don't have an iPhone.  I need buttons!  I have a Motorola Droid Pro through Verizon.  It does essentially everything an iPhone does. Yes, Greg, it does.  And I'm perfectly happy with it.  A couple fave apps: HeyTell (a walkie talkie messenger) and WhatsApp (a Blackberry Messenger-like i.m. communicator).  Basic texting is so '08.... Did you know I'm doing a show!  Yes, on Oct 30 in Studio City, I'm teaming with my friend of 30-years, Randall Phillips, for a night of duets, solos, stories and GREAT music!  Follow this link here and scroll down for info....  So, please, make your rezzies and be Just Like Jerry!

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