Thursday, September 1, 2011

Susan Boyle, the CW, Lady A...

SMG back on TV
Susan Boyle's back! I think I like her story - and the fact that she is selling TONS by recording Broadway and standards - than I do her voice, but overall, brava for her. She appeared on "AGT" last night singing a showtune from a musical by the Abba guys and I feel, in the hands of Betty Buckley or Patti LuPone, it'd be even more of a showstopper.  See, SuBo is still not a "performer" or "actress of songs" who should rise up to meet the material she's tackling.  And I've seen her 'do look better. Her new CD drops in November - expect HUGE holiday sales.  Her debut did 10 mill.... Good lord! It's September. which means new TV!  Let's look at the CW.  I don't watch much on here but my guilty pleasure "Gossip Girl," but I'm looking forward to "Ringer"with Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze as a twin, playing the sister she isn't, wrapped up in a murder mystery.  Here's a longer preview.  Greg is going to try to lure me into "The Secret Circle," because he feels like it's "Charmed."  I'll try it, but I ain't holdin' out hope.  It's about a young witches coven in a small town... think "Twilight" with witches....  The inescapable song of the moment is Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks." A fun lil ditty with a catchy chorus that, overall, sounds a bit too much like the Gorillaz to be as unique and original as critics are claiming.... I like Lady Antebellum but they are already 3 singles deep on an album that drops 9/13 and none have peaked my interest. I think this is a case of "take a break!" in order to have time to create stellar, not mediocre material....  I love me some Bath & Body Works!  Their anti-bac hand soaps are a steal (4 for $15) and they are smell-o-riffic. New fall scents just arrived though I heart the summer Island Margarita, now gone till next year....  A "Romancing the Stone" TV series? Hmmm? Get the soon-to-be unemployed Eva Longoria, make it a lil darker and you might have a hit....  Remember this hidden gem? A true one hit wonder, Jane Child's "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" still sounds fresh and kicks ass.... Movies? "The Debt" is getting raves across the board. Scary "Apollo 18" opens tomorrow, but with no buzz, so who knows? But if you missed some summer fare, try to find "Super 8."  Hey LA, the Prez will be here 9/26 for fundraisers. One of 'em at the House of Blues on Sunset. Be traffic-prepared and don't post gripes! Just stay away....  Hail to the Chief and be Just like Jerry! 

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