Friday, August 26, 2011

TGIF - A Silent Film, Streisand, J-Hud, Glycolic Gel

Babs' CD Cover. Yes, the cover.
Oscar talk is beginning as Fall is knocking on the door.  "The Help," is an early one out of the gate (an "A") and this upcoming silent film, "The Artist" will likely be a front runner.  Silent film?  Yes.  It's quite intriguing. Check out the trailer. It'll either be an incredible, touching film-going experience (as it was at Cannes) or it'll be annoying and trying (as Greg will likely think of it.)  I, for one, am open to something different and new - albeit old - and I'm sure the score will be stellar....  "Carnage," is one that I'm highly anticipating. They've just released a trailer of the film based on the Tony winning play, directed by Roman Polanski. Yes, Polanski - with Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet.  It follows four parents in an apartment duking it out over their son's feuding....  I know we get a later east coast feed but with Obama interrupting morning news to warn of a severe weather threat back there, I have a problem with NBC then returning to  the Today Show to see Ann Curry & Co rocking out to Train on the Plaza....  Seems that Barbra Streisand, gunning for a #1 album - which will mean one in each decade since the 60's - will be entering at #2, unlikely to climb.  She did some TV interviews and PBS constantly aired her engaging 2009 Vanguard concert, but without Oprah, she'll only sell around 70k, compared to 180k two years ago.  I know she's Streisand, but TV sells, and she should have done a Today Show spot, even Letterman and made it a true "event" if she wants that #1 crown again.  (And maybe issue an album cover that wasn't shot in her backyard in between gardening.)  Cuts to get from the new one: "I'll Never Say Goodbye," and "The Same Hello."  The album is very ballad heavy and I wished for more tempo-tunes, but it is Babs and we love her....  3-2-GetJennifer Hudson's struggling CD is still issuing singles. The latest, "No One Gonna Love You" is a cool R&B jam in its original form.  But it gets the Club treatment from Bimbo Jones which is great for the gym!... And Rihanna will have a great Fall as "Cheers (Drink to That)" should be pretty damn huge, complete with an Avril Lavigne sample!...  Gym Class Heroes teamed with Adam Levine for "Stereo Hearts," and it's climbing too!  Of course, I heart Adam.... As we move into Fall (maybe after our LA heatwave), I will make an effort to reverse some sun damage with NeoStrata 15 AHA Glycolic gel.  Do not use if you still plan to tan, but this will tighten pores, reduce oil and brighten dull skin.... Wanna great "talk" PodCast? Try the Comedy Couch with Dennis Hensley & Tony Trippoli. It's topical, racy, never boring - and free! They're both my buds and write the "Fashion Police" series on E! with Joan & Melissa.  I love it poolside! Try the one titled "Spew & the Naggler" for an initial taste - where I'm mentioned!... Do all of this and be Just like Jerry!

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