Friday, August 5, 2011

TGIF - Parachute, Glee, Lotion

Parachute: Perfect Pop-Rock
Adam Lambert's Behind the Music airs on VH1 this Sunday night.... Un-Shocking: "The Change Up" is getting not-great reviews.... Interestingly, "Rise of the Apes" is getting "kind" reviews; mostly B's and 3 Stars.... Thank you EW (my bible) for this "Letter" to the Glee producers.  I think a lot of the gripes pointed out here could be directed to what I hear is the very large ego of an unhinged Ryan Murphy.  Just can-it and create good TV. Too many "behind the scenes" people are in such desperate need to not be behind the scenes. Yuck.... Oh, my mindless, guilty pleasure that is Big Brother is just too good for its own horrible self. Casting is everything on this show and did they hit the jackpot with the egocentric, overly emotional, sore losers Brendan & Rachel. And now, the upcoming twist that could throw the ejected Brandon (or even Dominic) back into the house to wreak havoc?  Thank you CBS.  Perfect summer programming.... Zooey Deschanel, you continually steal my heart. Can't wait for you to do it weekly on "The New Girl," on Fox.... Immediate Obsession: the band, Parachute!  They've been around for a few years so I'm a lil late, but their "Something to Believe In" is taking off. So get on it!  I'm totally into the whole album - a shocker for me if you're not Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.... Notice that Dial, Vaseline, Suave & Lubriderm are making Men's lotion's now? Being a product-whore, I've tried 'em. And I vote for Dial and Vaseline.... So, moisture-up, put on Parachute and be Just like Jerry!

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