Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crazy Stupid Great, Celine, Kathie Lee

Gosling's Crazy Stupid Abs
Is "Crazy Stupid Love" just about the most perfect film I've seen this year? Yes. Usually goofy Steve Carrell shows he's more likely to take home an Oscar in his career than Jim Carrey.  This is not a raunch-com but more so a snap-shot a humanity - a page from one family's scrapbook.  Perfect life-stories, perfect performances and the perfect Ryan Gosling. Just go see it. Perhaps because I've been so unmoved by any summer popcorn-action flick, this one makes the top of my list.... And will "The Help" tie? Likely.  Great reviews, a huge book and a storyline-setting that gives me shades of Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes, makes this highly anticipated. And of course, it opens today, but I have to wait till next weekend when Deb & Tina are in town. Devil!...  A possible "Bewitched" reboot on CBS?  Because the film did so well?  This seems a better fit for ABC Family or TVLand. Yuck....  Hump Day Hidden Gem: Of course Celine can sell a ballad, but she had some great lil pop dance ditties. Check out the forgotten "Mislead," from her "Colour of My Love" album, especially for the line, "when I've been dissed...." It only hit #24 but was a #1 Club hit with some classic remixes....  Have you ever caught the craziness that is Hoda & Kathie Lee and their 4th hour of the Today Show?  The focus is on their supposed wine-induced, wild, off-the-cuff remarks (lead by Gifford, now a bit more relaxed and self deprecating that her children are grown and well, quite frankly, she's post menopausal).  I get that she's old-school. I embrace that she embraces it.  But when she gets on a Music High-Horse its a bit comical.  She speaks as if she's written hit after hit song - and she is NO Diane Warren (IE nary a charted hit).  So when she says of Katy Perry's California Gurls, "I don't call that music," it only makes her more archaic than she is. Gifford prefers Broadway and Standards, as do I quite often, but as a musician or claimed songwriter, if you can't tell that "Gurls," is one of the best pop songs of the decade, your authority status on music wanes.... Be Crazy, Stupid, Just like Jerry! 

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