Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Song, Jagger & Jinxed

Katy: A Summer of Fridays?
It's finally here! The music video for the best pop song of the year, Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger."...  Which leads me to this: what is the song of the summer? Of course my choice is the Maroon 5 track, which opened at #8, based on The Voice performance then tumbled to the 50's but it's rebounded to #25 this week due to some more TV gigs.  Radio, wake up! My choice aside, is it LMFAO with their Black Eyed Peas-sounding "Party Rock Anthem?" That certainly seems to be the inescapable tune of the season (unfortunately). Also-rans to be considered would be Adele's "Rolling" (30 weeks on the chart - still top 10), Katy Perry's "Friday Night," Gaga's "Edge of Glory."  All give me the 'ho-hum' for the Song of Summer title though. They are certainly not up there with Perry's "California Gurls," or Beyonce's "Single Ladies," of summers past....  Gavin Degraw attacked, beaten then hit by a taxi in NYC? WTF?  Hope he's ok. I loved his first album.  I always felt the industry sadly slotted him as a runner-up to John Mayer but I like him more. Here's his "Chariot" from '03.... I hate blatant rip-offs and the upcoming Jonah Hill flick, "The Sitter," is a direct rehash of the classic "Adventures In Babysitting," with a guy sitter....  Happy 47th, Whitney! Yes, just 47. Remember when you were amazing?  I do... What the HELL is up with my jinxed'ness lately? My TV turning on & off automatically, new car battery, dropped & cracked my iPad2 (new screen for $200), internet down 2x in a week? Jesus, Take The Wheel! And gimme a break already!... So, do a Nell Carter shimmy and be Just like Jerry (with better luck of late)!

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