Thursday, August 11, 2011

Luther, Fall TV, Celine

Legendary Luther
How is it possible, but yes, with about 8000 tracks in my iTunes, I have no Luther Vandross in there!?  This is shocking because since I first heard his stellar "The Night I Fell In Love" album, I worshiped him, seeing him 4x in concert.  So to rediscover "Till My Baby Comes Home," (a great treadmill track) and dozens of other killer tunes is just pure joy.  See, while I was into pop/rock of the 70's-80's, I was deep into R&B, so singers like Luther, Jeffrey Osborne, James Ingram, Howard Hewett & Peabo were my LIFE.... It's August so let me preview some Fall TV: Critics at the TCA seem to giving positive buzz to "Ringer" with Sarah Michelle Geller (CW), Zooey's "New Girl" (Fox), JJ Abrams of "Lost" and "Alias" fame, gives us "Person of Interest" (CBS); Christina Applegate's gonna try again with "Up All Night" (NBC; co-starring the brill Maya Rudolph) and the highly-hyped Spielberg-touched, "Terra Nova" on Fox.  I read a ton about new  shows before I invest. So when journalists say that a show won't last, I don't bother. But if there's praise, I'll watch to see if I wanna join in.  Bad Buzz: "The Playboy Club." On-The-Fence Buzz: "Pan Am."... "La Cage aux Folles," one of my favorite musicals begins touring this fall. It hits LA's Pantages next summer and I'll be there!... Celine's in Vegas for a little less than 3 more years - and this recent review makes me wanna go NOW!... Super hot Joe Jonas has a solo album dropping soon.  Already on single #2 cuz the first one failed, I'm happy he's doing a pop/dance/Enrique thing, but I just wish the songs were good.  Oh well, he still has his looks.... I should be giving you "3-2-Get" today but nothing new is moving me. I know what's NOT on my radar: the Kanye/Jay-Z album.  Just not my thing.  And with a "B-" from EW, I don't think it'll sweep the Grammy's....  So, go on, get Luther and be Just like Jerry.

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