Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fallon, Crystal Lite, Billy Ocean

Fallon Thanks You
I think I'm in love with Jimmy Fallon. Have you seen his Thank You Notes?  It's also now a book. He thanks the name "Lloyd" for having two L's. Otherwise it would just sound like "Loyd." He thanks the slow-moving family walking in front of him on the sidewalk. Without this "barricade of idiots," he might never have been forced to walk in the street and risk getting hit by a car in order to get around them....  I discovered Crystal Lite's new un-booze Mocktails flavors, but if I don't give credit to Randall, I'll never hear the end of it. She likes Mojito. I like Appletini. Yes, calorie-free, booze-free powder mix. (But of course adding it to liquor can be your low-cal "fun" option.)...  Cue the 10cc classic song "The Things We Do For Love." Greg is making me see Rise of the Apes this weekend.  The good news is I think it'll bite and he'll owe me!...  My LCD TV (maybe 5 years old) is turning on and off automatically. My two theories: (1) the new neighbors underneath are on the same remote control frequency or (b) when Greg watched the ABC News special about the devil on earth, he let evil in.... Tony Bennett is 85 today. Whew.... Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) will be Broadway's "Funny Girl."  Interesting choice though I do feel she's one of the most underrated young actresses around so I think she'll pull it off if she's got the pipes.... I cannot wait for "American Horror Story" on TV. From Glee's Ryan Murphy, it seems it'll be more insane like his his brilliant Nip/Tuck. And that cast!?... As for my Hump Day Hidden Gem? Well, I've been forced to rediscover Billy Ocean (the poor man's Lionel Richie). But he did give us some good AC ditties like this... Go on, be Just like Jerry!

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