Friday, July 29, 2011

TGIF - Wiig, Regis, Wells Fargo

Future BFF, Kristin Wiig
Have you seen "7 Minutes in Heaven?"  He's an SNL writer who conducts celebrity interviews in a closet. Check out the one with Kristin Wiig, who really needs to be my best friend.... You know of my love of Kelly Ripa, of course. And while I'm down with many an alter kocker, I'm relieved Regis is "retiring" or at least exiting the show (perhaps 3 years too late).  But my BIGGEST hope is that producer Michael Gellman now leaves too.  How his ego fits in the studio is a wonderment. I think he's lasted so long because he's kept the budget at the 1992 range, so ABC figures, "Why change?"...  When is good customer service overly-good customer service? When you're a Wells Fargo teller. Don't ask me my plans for the day or where I got my watch or "anything I can do to make your experience here better?"  Yeah, leave me alone and deposit my check!  And don't ask me if my roll of quarters is for laundry-day!  It's for my obsession with Ms Pac Man at the local arcade you fool!...  Not that I care, but The Smurfs movie is getting killed by the critics....  Caught Deborah "Debbie" Gibson on GMA this morning looking & sounding damn good.  Didja know I co-wrote this lil ditty with her?   When I vaccuum (yes, picture it), I sprinkle a lil' Arm&Hammer carpet power around. I just wish they'd make a Gain scent, of course.... That's all for Friday! Enjoy your weekend.  I'll be back on Monday and I'll be Just like Jerry. Will you?

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