Monday, July 25, 2011

Josh, Shaving & Cable

(I provide click-thru links here in gray, so check 'em out).... I really love Josh Groban. His "Awake" and especially "Closer" albums are wonderful. His recent "Illuminations," not so much... as seen in lackluster sales and no AC radio hits.  But he's fun to follow on Twitter and hysterical on Kimmel and, apparently, "Crazy Stupid Love," which I plan on seeing.... I give "Captain America" a "B." It was fun and leads to "The Avengers" pretty well. I think for mindless popcorn films this summer I've liked "Thor," and "X-Men Beginnings," but "Harry Potter 8" and "Super 8" are the best summer fare.... I haven't shaved in over a week.  I'm giving you Grizzly Adams.  But I'll take blade to face today with my Art of Shaving Shave Oil, Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor and Nivea for Men After Shave.... Sometimes I hate giving away my "finds," especially to my three readers here, but the daily Happy Hour 4-8p at St. Felix in WeHo is IT. Tasty, 1/2 priced drinx, bar menu and outside seating (which should switch to only high-top tables in my opinion.).... This posting was late today due to my TimeWarner internet being down. No other way to put it than I simply hate them and pray daily for AT&T or Verizon cable to become available in my hood.... Two last serious notes: the horrific shooting in Norway is too much for me to even grasp - and Amy Winehouse, simply, RIP and thanks for the music.

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