Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Housewives, Justin, AquaFresh & Robyn

Justin as Eye Candy
I was up until 1am! That is super late for me... but once you start watching the NY Housewives Reunion, there's no turning it off. To be blunt, at the core, these women are hateful, awful, vengeful, catty, ungrateful humans. And sadly, that makes for watchable, escapism-TV.  Jill & Ramona are clueless to their behavior and biting words; Kelly's new-found verbal steamrolling is NOT her "finding her voice"; Cindy was bored and boring all season (and should leave);  Sonja is having her slow and controlled nervous breakdown aired on TV and Alex is so desperate for fame and is so polarizing that I have to mute her often. That leaves the Countess, who I actually like.... Yes, I still watch Weeds - and I like it....  I use AquaFresh Iso-Active toothpaste. The pump dispenser could be cleaner but I hope they'll fix it soon.  It's foamy, bubbly and feels like it's working.... I'll be seeing "Friends with Benefits" later. I think Justin Timberlake is so damn talented so it'll be interesting to see if he can carry a film.... I find it astounding how some Euro music stars like Robbie Williams and Kylie (mostly) just aren't HUGE here. That continues with Robyn. She's making such great pop/dance music with actual melodies! Here's the current one, "Call Your Girlfriend." The b-sections are just perfect.... I'll leave you with that lil' disco-ditty so you can be Just like Jerry

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