Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hump-Day, Haley, Property Virgins, & Karyn White

Idol's soulful Haley
Idol's Haley Reinhart signed with Interscope. I'm actually rooting for her. As someone who got some hard-knocks from the judges (a la Jen Hudson), I'm hoping she emerges as a huge star to show 'em all. Here's her "Rolling In The Deep," where she really flies on the 2nd verse.... Speaking of Adele, her album jumps to #1 for the 11th time with 2.7 mill sold - quite a success story in this day and age.  Be prepped for a Grammy landslide (still 6 months away)....  Nothing much more scathing than this Kelly Rowland album review in the LA Times with "bland material," being a pull-quote.... Maroon 5 was at the Bowl on Monday; Sugarland at the Greek. Gladys Knight & James Ingram at the Bowl tonight and Dolly there last weekend - and I attended zero. What am I thinking? Such regret....  I vow to tackle Spotify over the next week. It seems really damn cool.... Ever seen HGTV's "Property Virgins"?  Host Sandra Rinomato's slight smugness of showing wanna-be home owners amazing digs to then be a dream-crusher because the cost is too high is just pure comedy.  "You like this neighborhood? Well, you can't afford it!"... I give "Friends with Benefits" a B+. Cute film. Could you wait till DVD? Probably...  Yes, shockingly, I use classic Dial gold bar soap.... Seeing a screening of "Cowboys & Aliens" tonight. Very excited.... Every Wednesday I'll offer a Hump Day Hidden Gem. Remember LA/Babyface act, Karyn White? Classic but forgotten R&B/Pop from the early 90's like Secret Rendezvous, Superwoman, The Way I Feel About You and - Romantic.... So, be Romantic - and be Just like Jerry. 

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