Thursday, August 4, 2011

Damages, Pedicures, 3-2-Get

Glenn as viscous Patty Hewes
Oh, "Damages." Damn you for moving to DirectTV. (Well, damn FX for canceling it.) The good news is that I'll catch season 4, now airing, on DVD later because, sadly, I don't have DirectTV.  If you love courtroom/crime-solving drama, it is the best show EVER. Glenn Close: genius!  Please watch it on Netflix or get the seasons 1-3 DVDs. It's so worth it....  3-2-Get: Rihanna's "California King Bed," the underrated, chart-struggling ballad should be huge, but has yet to fly the way other RiRi hits do. (There are some Club remixes on iTunes now too.) Country pick: Chris Young's "Tomorrow," another ballad, but such a perfectly crafted pop/country tune. Summer party song of August: Hot Chelle Rae's "Tonight Tonight." Pure, mindless pop that'll be forgettable by fall, but fun for now!...  I used to scoff at Vitamin Water, but now that it comes in it's ZERO form, it's right up there with PowerAde Zero. Tasty, calorie free electrolytes!  For PowerAde, the Mixed Berry (or "Blue flavored," as Greg calls it, is best.)... Men's Flip-flop Etiquette: they are not for the gym, bars, clubs, restaurants, etc. They are for a poolside party, the beach and maybe running to grocery mart. And you MUST have a pedicure. I got mine this a.m.! A mani/pedi runs you $25-32, guys. It looks better and it's healthy. Get with it and be Just like Jerry!

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