Friday, September 9, 2011

New Tunes, New TV, New Films, New Girl...

"New Girl" & Boys
Hot songs: Kelly Clarkson's Mr. Know It All, Beyonce's Love On Top, Fantasia's Collard Greens & Cornbread.  The 'Tasia tune includes the hook, "You (are) better than my mama's collard greens & cornbread," which I find hysterical and genius....  As for Baby-On-Board-Beyonce, I don't want to call her pregnancy calculated (as most are), but the lackluster "4" album seems timely for her to finally take a damn break, not tour and hide the failed CD behind the pending baby.  I say this because she is a power-house work-horse and with no hit single (after releasing four) and the album not being too Sasha Fierce on the charts, I'm glad she's preggers, happy and is having a "forced" vacay (though I really, personally wanted to see her in concert this time)....  I saw "The Debt." I give it a "B+."  It was a nice escape from the LA heat and the performances and twists are worth it.  And my new girl crush Jessica Chastain is in it. She joins Jennifer Garner and Claire Danes on my list.  I just love 'em!...  Another girl crush is Zooey Deschanel, coming soon to TV on Fox's "New Girl." I caught the pilot for free on iTunes. It shows promise and is pretty simple but hysterical with a great cast. It mirrors ABC's "Happy Endings," which is one of my instant faves (back 9/28), but Zooey and her character are TOO adorable....  Publications are issuing their Top New Shows. Two constants are CBS's "2 Broke Girls" and "Person of Interest."  They are both in the top 5 of USA Today, EW, & TV Guide.  I'll be watching and blogging my reviews.  Up first next week: "Ringer" (CW) debuts and "Parenthood" (NBC) returns on Tuesday. "Parenthood" is just a lil' underrated gem of a show - think "My So Called Life" meets "Once & Again" - a family soap with a killer cast robbed of Emmy nods. NBC's "Up All Night" with Christina Applegate is getting good buzz and starts on Weds.  Thursday brings "The Secret Circle" on CW.  From the Vamp Diaries crew, critics aren't embracing but it seems like a more viewer-friendly show anyway - and the only one Greg's interested in....  "Contagion" opens in theaters today (getting a B+ from EW), as does "Warriors," getting  a "B" and starring the hotter than hot Tom Hardy. I wanna see both!... Flashback: will anyone remember this tune?  Lee Ritenour's "Is It You" hit #15 on the pop charts in '81.  Lee plays guitar with vocals by Eric Tagg. It's a perfect pop-jazz ditty when pop radio played jazz-leaning acts like Anita Baker & Al Jarreau.... A moisturizing body scrub? Yup.  Bath & Body Works' Need A Margarita is a yumo blend of sugar-crystals with tropical oils. You'll be silky smooth and smell like a garden of earthly delights.... So scrub away and be Just Like Jerry!  

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