Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmy's, TV This Week, Warrior

Hot "Warrior," Tom Hardy
EMMY NOTES: Steve Carrell & Laura Linney are wondering, "What did I do wrong?" I'm thrilled Melissa McCarthy won but Jim Parson's again (?) for the most unfunny show on TV? Another shocker was Jon Hamm going home empty handed over the very worthy Kyle Chandler, my personal pick.  And really, "Amazing Race" again for Best Reality Competition? "Idol" has never won and certainly proved itself by bouncing back and reinventing itself a bit this past season.  And I guess I should watch "Downton Abbey," as it swept the movie/miniseries categories, save for Kate Winslet's win.  I think it's steaming for free on Netflix and season 2 of what is technically a miniseries doesn't start until January so there's time to catch up.  The supporting drama actor/actress were other upsets where the underdogs took 'em both.  Yet, Peter Dinklage and certainly Margo Martindale are character actors who have popped up on virtually every TV show imaginable.  And I thought Jane Lynch was perfectly fine.... TV THIS WEEK: "2 Broke Girls" is one comedy receiving raves, so I'll check it out tonight (9/19).  But "Playboy Club" is getting harsh reviews, so I'll pass.  For Tuesday, "Glee" is back and I've watched the pilot for "New Girl," and loved it.  Also for Tues is "Ringer."   Wednesday brings us the over-hyped "X Factor." Will I watch? Yes!  "The Middle" and "Modern Family" return on Weds as well, as does "Up All Night" on NBC, which I found damn funny last week.  No, I won't be sampling "Revenge" on ABC.  Thursday continues to be over-crowded. And this week brings us "X Factor" (again), Grey's Anatomy, Parks & Rec, the Office and the new, well-reviewed "Person of Interest," (CBS) which I'm excited for.  Also on Thursday is "Secret Circle," which seems a bit young, but Greg was into episode 1 last week.  "A Gifted Man" starts on CBS this Friday with Patrick Wilson - reason enough for me to sample it.  Sunday I'll be sticking with "Desperate Housewives," (yes I still love it) and the brilliant "Good Wife." New to Sunday is "Pan Am," receiving some good reviews and I love the setting, so I'm in!  And next week, even MORE debuts and returns.  My most excited newbie, "An American Horror Story" doesn't start on FX till 10/5.... MAGS I subscribe to: Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, GQ, Men's Health & Details....   FILM: I caught "Warrior" last week- a really damn good film.  I love fight films and this was done extremely well - very intense with uber hot actors!... So, fight on and be Just Like Jerry.

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